2009 CAP Grants – Applications available

The 2009 Community Arts Partnership grants applications have just been listed.  An exciting addition this year only is the Stimulus Awards for Individual Artists.  These $1000 grants are available to all types of artists regardless of whether they involve the community in their work or not.  And there are no restrictions on the use of funds.

This is really exciting for local artists,  most of whom don’t use the community directly in the creation of their work.  I’ve thought it was unfortunate that the CAP IIs had to be restricted in this way, but understand those parameters come from the original funders, not CAP.

The Stimulus Awards recognize that artists, working alone, who create art that addresses the concerns of the community, or addresses our history, culture, politics, ethics, sciences, etc. are making work of great benefit to our local community.


Take Action: Albany to Cut State Arts Funding

I just want to get the word out.  The info below is directly from an email from Community Arts Partnership Director, Brett Bossard:

We need to send a powerful message to Albany describing the impact of the Governor’s proposed MID-YEAR cut of $7 million to the New York State Council on the Arts‘ (NYSCA) 2008-2009 budget.

Our State Legislators need to know there will be significant economic losses to the state and to our communities, and potential major job losses as well, if this cut is approved in the middle of a fiscal year.

Our friends at NYS ARTS have made it easy for you make your opinions heard; simply click here to send an e-mail directly to legislators for your district. You can use the pre-provided text or add some of your own comments. It only takes a few minutes to get your voice heard.

The last time NYS ARTS e-mailed the Governor and State Legislators, 14,300 emails were sent. This time let’s make it 20,000 emails. Numbers matter. Everyone pays attention when enough people speak out.

Please forward this message to everyone you know.

Important Facts

The Governor proposes an additional $7 million cut to the current local assistance (grants) budget.  This will eliminate almost all NYSCA funds that have not yet been awarded from the October and December 2008 grant cycles.  As a result 573 organizations (statewide) may not receive any funding, including those that hae general operating support pending.

Because NYSCA awards funds to local organizations four times a year (May, July, October, & December), the Governor’s proposal would create a serious inequity.  By the luck of the draw, these 573 organizations happened to have grants in the last two rounds of funding.  The State budget should not be balanced on their backs!

In Tompkins County alone, this cut could mean a loss of more than $120,000 in already approved funds at several of our major arts organizations. These include the Hangar Theatre, the Johnson Museum of Art, the State Theatre, the Cayuga Vocal Ensemble, NYS Baroque, and us here at the Community Arts Partnership.

This is the second reduction in the current budget; there was an almost 10% reduction a couple of months ago.  The first cut reduced the NYSCA budget from $48.5 million to $45.9 million. The Governor’s second proposed cut will bring the NYSCA budget down to $38.9 million – a total reduction of 20% from $48.5 million at the start of the current fiscal year. More details on Governor Patterson’s proposed budget and deficit reduction plan are available at the NYS Division of Budget website.

Please take a moment, and click here to send an email to your Legislators.