Open Figure Drawing Sessions

This came in as a suggested post and I’m just going to paste the email message as I couldn’t say it better:

Speaking of the Ithaca art scene, a group of artists has been holding open figure drawing sessions Sundays from 1:30-4:30 in the space above Petrune on The Commons. This is an informal group with a range of experiences who come together for what artists have been doing for centuries: drawing from a live model. While we often seek the company of other artists at galleries, performances and happenings there is something very reassuring about sitting quietly in a room and drawing as a group activity. The challenges that faced us way back in art school may still be there as is the sense of community; it is the closest we can come to the musician’s jam session, it is yoga for the hand eye connection. There is also something brewing in spaces like this one- open to possibilities, not completely formed and thus not limited either. Slightly off of the beaten path, up a rickety stair and probably not up to code, inhabiting the kind of space best left to the artists to define. email Ben for more $7 to cover the model.

Please continue to let us know of events formal and informal!