FORUM: Art for Ithaca’s Future

An opportunity to voice your opinion about “new directions for the arts in downtown Ithaca”:

On Saturday, April 25th, the Downtown Ithaca Alliance invites community members of all ages to ART FOR A JUST & SUSTAINABLE COMMUNITY, the theme for Art in the Heart of the City 2009 and the DIA’s contribution to Ithaca’s Earth Day ’09 celebration.

The event opens with a 12:00 Noon Parade for the Earth on the Ithaca Commons, followed at 1 pm by a Forum on Exploring Directions for the Arts in Downtown Ithaca in the Tompkins County Library Borg- Warner Room.

Everyone is invited to gather for the Parade at 11:00 a.m. The Parade will start from the Bernie Milton Pavilion at 12:00 noon.

The Exploring Directions Forum continues the exploration of a role for the arts in future downtown development which was launched last fall, as part of the DIA’s 2008 Art in the Heart of the City public art program.

Alastair Noble, internationally-renowned artist and former Cornell faculty member, will open with an overview of how artists working in public spaces are engaging sustainability themes. Kathy Bruce, whose bamboo and morning glory Graces were featured in Art in the Heart of the City 2008, will then draw on her own work to show how one artist might interpret Ithaca’s 2009 theme of Art for a Just & Sustainable Community. The Forum will conclude with an exploration of possibilities for creating a dynamic future for the arts in downtown Ithaca.

Specifically, panelists and participants will be asked to consider three key questions:

1. How should the arts factor into thinking about re-doing the Ithaca Commons?

2. What might ‘iconic art’ for downtown Ithaca look like?

3. How can the Downtown Ithaca Alliance engage local artists and the broader community in making public art a more prominent part of downtown life?

(add your questions here)


One Response to “FORUM: Art for Ithaca’s Future”

  1. Ed Marion Says:

    Proposed Question: Going forward, will we encourage, and not discourage, visual artists from setting up on the Commons to sell their work, thus attracting tourists to the Commons, further bolstering shopping and dining on the Commons?

    Background: Can we lift Downtown Ithaca Alliance Business Improvement District (DIABID) limitations on the ability of visual artists to sell their art on the street, particularly in the BID-defined Commons, so that we change from the present structure of requiring artists to pay for, and obtain, a limited number of vending permits on the Commons, to a system in which any artist can set up on the Commons to sell their art without a permit, implementing the holding of the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals, 2d Circuit in Bery et al. v. City of New York et al., upheld by the US Supreme Court in the denial of appeal from that decision.

    [Sadly, I am out of town on Saturday and will miss the discussion.]

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