Carrie Mae Weems at Wells College, Aurora

"From here I saw what happened and I cried (2 works) "  © Carrie Mae Weems, 1995

"From here I saw what happened and I cried (2 works) " © Carrie Mae Weems, 1995

Carrie Mae Weems will be speaking at Wells College, Aurora, NY next Wednesday, March 4 at 4:45pm, MacMillan Building, Phipps Auditorium.

I always feel so grateful to the institutions that bring exciting artists to the area to speak.  Thanks, Wells!

And thanks for Mark Dion last night, Johnson Museum!


Ithaca Public Art: Calls for Submissions

There’s a lot of potential in Ithaca for exciting public art.  We have the artists, we have the space, we have the organizations/commissions/City support.  There’s even a bit of money in it.  What we need is for more artists to respond to these calls with thoughtful, engaging proposals that address the sites where they’ll be installed and really start a dialog both with the Ithaca community and the greater art world about art and about the current issues we face as a community.

There are artists who are currently engaged in the local Ithaca art community and shape what it is.  Yay, active artists!  I’m not talking to you for the moment.  I want to address the artists out there who live in Ithaca, but  don’t see Ithaca as being a place for their art because the work they do is not, for the most part, currently represented in our galleries, public art, art reviews, etc.  For the arts in Ithaca to move forward, to fully reflect all that we have to offer as an arts town, and for us to grow as an artistic community, we need you and your work represented.  I encourage all of you, but especially you artists working away in Ithaca, but envisioning your art careers outside your home town, to submit proposals to these calls!  If Ithaca isn’t the kind of arts town you want, stop complaining and change it by getting your work out there.  It seems that the institutions are open to change.

The Downtown Ithaca Alliance and the City of Ithaca Public Art Commission both have calls out right now for public art.

The Downtown Ithaca Alliance‘s 2009 Art in the Heart of the City, previously defined as an outdoor sculpture exhibit, is now a public art exhibit.  While there is a theme, it is loose and meant to be a starting point.  The jury for this show includes: Patricia Phillips, Professor & Chair, Cornell Art Department; Frank Robinson, Director, Johnson Museum of Art; and Sydney Waller, Executive Director, Sculpture Space.  Here are the submission guidelines.

The City of Ithaca’s Public Art Commission is accepting proposals for a site specific artwork exhibition to be installed on the Green Street Parking Garage in Ithaca. Accepted work will be reproduced and sized for the exterior application.  Open to all NYS artists, collaborations welcome. Here are the submission guidelines.