A question for local artists

What types of classes or workshops would you find useful, if any, to inform or progress your practice or knowledge of art?


Open Call: Juried Photo Show

It’s time again for the State of the Art Gallery’s Annual Juried Photo Show.  Applications are due in the gallery March 1-2.

For full details, see their website.

Gallery Night & Light in Winter

This Friday, January 23rd, will be a special Light in Winter Gallery Night in Ithaca.  I won’t list all the openings as they’re posted here:

Ithaca Gallery Night

And full info on Light in Winter can be found here:

Light in Winter

Call for Artists: Ithaca Festival Paint-Off

Hey, just passing along this info. Looks like fun!

The Ithaca Festival is looking for visual arts painters to create their masterpiece in one hour before a live crowd at our Third Annual Paint-Off, which will take place on Saturday, Feb. 7, 2009, 7:00 p.m. at Center Ithaca on the Ithaca Commons.

Artists must be available from 5:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. on the day of the event.  All pieces created this date will be raffled to benefit the Ithaca Festival.

We are looking for approximately 30 artists.  Application and details available at www.ithacafestival.org Deadline for application is January 31, 2009.  Ithaca-area artists will be given preference.  Eighteen artists have already signed up for the event.

Any questions may be directed to Executive Director, Jes Seaver, at 607-273-3646 or via e-mail at director@ithacafestival.org.  Any artist desiring to participate is encouraged to call Jes a.s.a.p. so she can hold a spot for you.

Art in Ithaca?


Poster Boy

Poster Boy is an anonymous NYC artist who uses existing subway ads to create instant collages that comment on consumerism, politics, the media, celebrity and are sometimes just juvenile gross-out jokes or clever plays on words.  I like his work best when it’s smart, funny and cutting:



Also a recent collage he made for a magazine cover commenting on the assault on Gaza using a current news photo and Goya paintings:


Of course, he brings to mind Banksy, who I also enjoy, but whose visual style doesn’t always appeal to me.  And I love that Poster Boy is taking these commercial posters that corporations have paid for and turning them into commentary.

Call Cutta in a Box

Here’s a video from the NY Times via You Tube about an experimental theater project at the Goethe-Institut in NYC, “Call Cutta in a Box.”

Most basically, the piece addresses globalization, the technology that enables it, and how human interactions are shaped by these new, and usually short-lived, proximities.  But from there, I spiral off, thinking about race, the American Empire, theatre where audience becomes writer/performer, experience as art . . .